Website Update Services, Website Maintenance, Redesign & CMS

What if you could request a website update by email and get an email back, usually the same day, saying the update were done? What if it were that easy?


Updating Website TextUpdating Website Text

• Editing, adding, or deleting text
• Adding or deleting products and prices
• Adding announcements of new staff or board members
• Adding announcements of specials or sales
• Updating your events calendar
• Updating newsletters

Can we assist you to update your website?

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Website Link Maintenance

• Adding new links or fixing broken links
• Adding internal links to create more interactivity and interest to your website
• Adding email addresses
• creating downloadable PDF documents

Let us update or fix broken links

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Uploading Images, Graphics and PhotographsUploading Images, Graphics and Photographs

• Adding photographs of new staff or new products
• Adding images from your last big event
• Creating graphics or illustrations to suit your needs (see portfolio)
• need a new logo, flyer or poster? (see portfolio)
• Fixing broken images

We can add new photos and upload images

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Website Redesign or Redevelopment

• Doing a redesign of your site to better reflect your company or the times (see portfolio)
• Adding pages or whole sections to your existing site?

My site is now outdated and now needs website redesign

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Content Management Systems - CMSContent Management Systems - CMS

• Work with your existing Content Management System to update your website
• Train you to use your Content Management System

Help me with my content management system

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Add New Website Pages

• Latest News
• Additional products and services

I need to add new website pages

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