FAQs WhileYOUWork Website Maintenance, Editing and Updating Services

How frequently do I have to update my website?

The nature of your business and the objective of your site generally determines how many updates are recommended. But, remember adding new content to your website is an important factor for search engine optimization (and we all know how important it is to have a good ranking) so a few updates a year is a highly recommended for that purpose alone.

So, if you have brochure “one visit” website a few updates per year should be enough. If you have an ecommerce site your content should be updated frequently. An easy way to accomplish this is to introduce a 'Latest News' or ‘Events’ page, where new information and images can be easy generated and added on a monthly basis.

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What information do you require to perform updates?

In order to perform updates to any site I will need some File Transfer Protocol (FTP) details:

  • Your host name or FTP address on your server
  • What folder on your server you want to store your files in
  • Your username
  • Your password

If you've been maintaining the site yourself, you'll know these details. Otherwise you may need to contact your service provider. But don’t worry, this isn't hard at all and I am happy to help you get this information.

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How do I supply the content for my updates

Ideally all content should be supplied in a digital format. I can help you determine this if you are unsure.

  • This means any artwork, logos or photos should be emailed in one of the following formats  Example.TIFF, Example.EPS, Example.JPG, Example.GIF, Example.PSD, Example.AI.  All images that you send will be processed to ensure consistent size, quality and short download times.

  • All text needs to be typed in a word editing program such as Microsoft Word or sent as email text.  Please note, I will not be using your valuable budget proofing or editing this text so please make sure you have carefully checked all your content before sending it!!

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What if my content isn't digital?

I am happy to “digitize” your content for you but, as that can be time consuming, I will need to discuss your budget and explore your different options.

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If another web designer created my site, can you still do my updates?

Yes, in most cases I can maintain your website.  Please provide your website’s address (URL) and usually that will be enough for me to determine if I can or cannot do maintenance work for you.

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Why don't I see the updates to my site?

Usually it is because your browser and sometimes your network will cache pages (save them locally) to improve performance.  You can force the changes to be “refreshed” by hitting the “refresh” button in your browser window. 

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What about Copyright?

When material is supplied to me for publishing on the web, obtaining permission to use any copyright material is the responsibility of the client supplying the material. The owner of the website needs to obtain permission to use photographs, graphics, music, video, and text etc. from the author, photographer or artist. I will assume that our client has obtained such permission.

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What if my site has a content management system (CMS), can you still do my updates?

In most cases the answer is yes.

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