About WhileYOUWork Website Maintenance, Editing and Updating Services

Melbourne Website maintenance, editing, image uploading and update services; helping with content management systems and keeping your website fresh. Our goal is to provide a quick, painless, and professional maintenance service that you can rely on while YOU work growing your business.

When you don’t either have the time, the expertise or the staff to keep your website updated, contact whileYOUwork and keep growing your business.

The idea behind WhileYOUWork Website Maintenance

Director Meg Streiff PortraitThe idea for whileYOUwork came from listening to frustrated website owners who had put good money into getting a website up, but then had trouble keeping it up to date. They had planned to do the updates themselves, but their employees really didn't have the time or expertise, and the updates were just not getting done.

That's when whileYOUwork was born.

The back story

Meg Streiff, founder of whileYOUwork, has been a digital designer since 1990. Her high-tech career began at a Silicon Valley software company, where she made use of her prior teaching experience to design and program educational computer games.

Meg started creating websites at Poppy Tyson Interactive (San Francisco), where she became Director of Programming and Web Development. She managed a department of sixteen programmers, and oversaw high-profile, technically complex projects such as Sony Entertainment’s PlayStation website.

Meg then started her own digital design company, Opposable Thumb Digital Design which now has been expanded into While You Work. That was over 15 years ago.

Armed with design skills, technical expertise, and managerial experience, whileYOUwork is ideally positioned to protect and enhance the investment you have made in your website. What are you going to do with all the extra time?